When one or more images are below the recommended dpi resolution for printing

TellAbout saves the original image uploaded to TellAbout in original resolution in order to provide best possible quality for printing. If the original image is not high resolution enough to be printed in the selected size there are many alternative actions you can choose from:

    – Consider changing the page layout into a layout that contains the image smaller, often this is enough to improve the situation.
    – Remove the image (and possible the whole page) from the book – check that rest of the pages go nicely.
    – Create a new book of this album with a different book size setting
    – Make change in the original story in the album, to change the image or upload a better quality image and then make a new book to be printed
    – You can also accept that the quality of the image will not be perfect. The bigger the difference is between the resolution of the image and the recommended minimum resolution the lower quality of the print.

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