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Do not wait until the day of the ceremony to start your wedding album; the sooner you start it, the richer it will be! There will be many important things to do before the actual wedding day and you do not want to leave out the preparations, do you?

Invite your maid of honor, bestman, mom…

Creating an album together is more fun than doing it on your own! With TellAbout it is easy to invite others; you can start by inviting people helping you or close to you.

Organize your stories

Whenever you or other members create a new story, it will automatically appear as the first story in your album. Do not worry though; you can always change and re-change the order of your stories whenever you want simply by dragging and dropping them into place.

Create useful topics

Creating topics in a TellAbout album is very easy! Organizing your stories into topics will help viewing of the album. Good topics for a wedding album could be; rehearsals, preparations, wedding ceremony, reception, gifts, dress, rings, decorations,…

Event Guest

Get photos and stories from all your guests

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all your wedding guests could add their photos of the ceremony and the party directly to your album? And without any effort on your side?
With the new Event Guest feature of TellAbout, guests will be able to view your album online, comment it and add photos and stories to it without installing anything to their devices or even creating a TellAbout account. You get the pictures and stories to the album, and can modify them as you like later on.

Create an Event Guest to your album with these simple steps:
1. Go to your album Members -section and select Add Event Guest.
2. Select a start date and the number of days your guests will be able to access your album for
3. Choose a username and password. Write them down to remember them, then save the Event Guest
4. When the time is right, tell your guests to go to and use these username and password to login

TellAbout event guest wedding album invitation templatesTellAbout event guest wedding album invitation templates

Be creative

To inspire you, we have prepared a PDF that suggests how to invite guests to your wedding album online in a creative way, using the Event Guest feature. In the PDF you will find a template designed for the purpose.

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